The National Campaign (Elak w feed)

The National Campaign (Elak w feed)


1. Introduction

In light of the global situation and the rise of the new pandemic Coronavirus 2019 or what is called (Covid-19); joined efforts of (UNICEF-Jordan, World Health Organization, Ministry of health, Royal health awareness society & the National Council for Family Affairs) has come together to launch the campaign (إلك و فيد ) which uses a title that combines the pandemic name with a message of (obtain and share the information - information for you and to inform others). This campaign comes to spread awareness among society in general and the family in particular, so the campaign addresses messages to encourage the adoption of healthy and healthy behaviours among children, adolescents and parents, in order to reduce the spread of disease and prevent it.

2. Campaign objectives.

The campaign aims to reduce the risks to individuals and families by enabling them to make sound decisions based on reliable information and to adopt health recommendations in order to reduce the spread of the disease Covid-19.

3. Target group:

Family of all ages, especially mothers and children.

4. Posts direction

Campaign content is based on three main pillars:

  1. News: a supportive pillar of official news, whereby government news and instructions are clarified/simplified, their causes explained and the importance of people's commitment to them.
  2. Information: Provide reliable and synchronized sources and information with medical updates to the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization to ensure that people get the information they care about first-hand, correctly and clearly.
  3. Action / Behavior: Practical indicative information that must be taken into account during the crisis documented from sound sources to help the family adopt healthy behaviours in their daily lives while taking into account Jordanian culture to limit the chances of the virus spreading.

5. Delivery methods:

The campaign currently relies on social media outlets of the partner institutions and their accounts on the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp groups) in addition to placing all the publications and campaign information on the official website of the Coronavirus 2019:

The campaign works in cooperation with various media outlets to contribute to broadcasting the campaign's messages through radio and television.

6. Campaign partners:

• Ministry of Health / Health Awareness and Information Directorate:

UNICEF is working closely with the Government of Jordan and our partners to stop the transmission of the coronavirus and to keep children and their families safe. Together we aim to empower every family with access to accurate, verified information so they can adapt their behaviour and take precautions to protect themselves, their family and their community, including those most at risk. In everything we do, we work to minimize any negative effects on children of control measures including school closures, the burden on local health systems, protection risks and economic pressures on the most vulnerable households.

Tanya Chapuisat, Representative UNICEF Jordan

• World Health Organization:

WHO is raising public awareness for COVID-19 on evidence-based information to counter rumors and misinformation and providing guidance to protect the health of health workers and communities, delivering on WHO’s mission to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable.

Dr. Cristina Profili, WHO Representative- Jordan

• Royal Health Awareness Society

"Our efforts today in this campaign come to complement the society's primary role in disease prevention. We will harness all our energies to spread health awareness among the community to protect the Jordanian family from this disease and promote healthy behaviours for the long term.”

• The National Council for Family Affairs:

The campaign also depends on the existing partnerships of these institutions with many other organizations, associations, and networks that reach hundreds of thousands of people and families across the Kingdom.

In collaboration with: